Understanding and managing a building’s electrical distribution infrastructure is not an option. It’s a crucial aspect of the leasing process.

CPL Group USA has been offering power management services to companies and institutional real estate owners since the mid-80s with particular emphasis on tenant-centric power needs.

From creating and maintaining power grid identification drawings (PGIs) to processing and maintaining detailed calculations of power capacity allocation data (watts per square foot), CPL has set the standard for Electrical Infrastructure Grid Management services for nearly three decades.

“CPL provides us with valuable up-to-date information that is crucial to our tenant acquisition and leasing process. Their comprehensive approach for managing our Electrical Distribution Grid helps us manage our iconic property at minimal cost, while providing top-notch services to our existing and prospective tenants.”  Joseph Bellina, General Manager, Empire State Building

CPL provides an array of services including infrastructure grid management, utilities metering, cost-tracking for public lighting and power, overtime HVAC service, and electric rent inclusion allocation and adjustment along with a variety of engineering and technical services that address the needs of both large and small real estate properties.

Our Mission

CPL Group USA intends to promote and provide comprehensive and cost effective, energy, utilities, and information management services nationwide; to be a leader in cutting edge products and services and to evolve highly adaptive management and research structures that guarantee long-term growth and value to our investors, clients, employees, and community.

Grid Infrastructure Services:

  • Power Grid Identification (PGI) development
  • On-going PGI Revisions and PGI Maintenance
  • Power Availability Calculations
  • Real-Time Power Availability Reports
  • Electric Grid Metering and Monitoring
  • Utility Cost Allocation Studies
  • Thermal Imaging Studies

Other Services:

  • Electrical Contracting
  • Electrical Maintenance Contracts
  • Metering Systems Engineering
  • Metering System Procurement Construction (EPC)
  • Utility Meter Reading & Billing Services
  • Public Light & Power Audits (PL&P)
  • Electric Rent Inclusion Surveys (ERI)
  • Electric Rent Inclusion Adjustment Services
  • Utilities Auditing, Budgeting and Accounting
  • Sales Tax Reporting

Services Through Affiliates:

  • Procurement & Demand Response Services
  • Co-Gen Plants Financing & EPCs

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