Since 1984, CPL Group has delivered specialized technical, analytic, and quantitative energy management services to top level real estate owners and real estate management companies. Our firm has been at the forefront of NYC’s Commercial Smart Buildings for more than 25 years – and device and software have come standard.

About CPL Group

Today, we continue to be one of NYC’s leading energy consulting and management firms, merging infrastructure, resource consumption, and cost recovery data. Today, CPL Group offers what no one else can; Patented, scalable technologies and services – a proven method that enables NYC’s Commercial Smart Buildings.

CPL Group’s Patented systems and processes, when applied to NYC’s Commercial Smart Buildings will:

  • Allow End Users to Visualize, Quantify and Manage Distribution Infrastructure, Resource Consumption, and Cost Determinants.
  • Maximize Energy Savings Efforts, Minimize Energy Waste, Facilitate Occupancy, Improve Tenant Relations, and Promote a Corporate Sustainability Culture.
  • Unbundle 3rd Party Services to Simplify Energy Management, Facilitate Control, Gain Service Independence, and Cut Operating Costs.
  • Improve ESCO Offerings by Enabling Alternate or Non-Existent Energy Service Models and Providers.
  • Educate Consumers, Disrupt Apathy, Champion Reform, and Validate Energy Reduction, Bills, and Savings.

Our Mission

CPL Group intends to promote and provide comprehensive and cost effective, energy, utilities, and information management services worldwide; to be a leader in cutting edge products and services and to evolve highly adaptive management and research structures that guarantee long-term growth and value to our investors, clients, employees, and community.

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