CPL Group offers Patented Smart Building Technology that can be launched by anyone and from anywhere.  Simply register and get started using your existing utility data.  There’s no need to change meters, providers, or services.

CPL Group Energy Solutions

Through full use of our Smart Building Technology platform and services offering, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional end users can maximize operational control, enable diversified and more competitive ESCO services, simplify leasing processes, improve tenant relations, promote corporate sustainability, and cut operational expenses through the unbundling of 3rd party cost recovery services.

CPL’s offering includes the use of local and /or remote (via web) supervision systems which are appropriately sized the given facility and its subsystems, modular, scalable, and can monitor and supervise every parameter using a distributed intelligence approach.

Whether direct or through its Affiliates, CPL Group offers Energy Management, Smart Metering and related products and services to meet the exacting demands of building, leasing and infrastructure executives and Real Estate Management Companies.

Services offered include cost effective, state- of-the-art infrastructure and Smart Metering design and deployment services as well as Patented Energy Management services that provide real-time fuels and electricity tracking, analysis and reporting.

Our clients are real estate owners and real estate managers, building operators, institutions, 3rd party service providers, engineering firms, consultants and other tradesman, building owners and entrepreneurs.

Our Products

  • Utility Sub metering Services
  • Energy Resale Tax Reporting
  • Load Profiling and Management
  • Utility Expense and Revenue Profiling
  • Utility Cost Analysis
  • Account Documentation
  • Power Grid Identification (PGI)
  • Real Time Power Capacity/Availability
  • Advanced Metering Implementation
  • Utility Sub-metering System Diagramming
  • Utility Distribution Maintenance
  • Energy Auditing
  • Rate/Tariff Analysis
  • Electric Rent Inclusion (ERI) Tracking/Adjustment
  • Public Light and Power Services
  • Overtime HVAC Cost Determination
  • Drawing Review and Consulting
  • Utility Lease Clause Consulting
  • Web Enabled Access to Real Time Data
  • Customized Energy Management Platforms

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