Energy Cost Recovery

Energy Cost Recovery

CPL Group’s Energy Cost Recovery services allow end user to establish, allocate and true up energy, energy costs and savings, whether by account, premise or facility.


Energy Cost Recovery services include, but are not limited to, meter (or sub meter) selection, procurement, installation commissioning or re-commissioning and maintenance, metering system and advanced metering infrastructure design and installations, real time or periodic meter data acquisition, validation, estimation and storage, energy use reporting, energy invoicing services, utility tax reporting, independent energy bill audits, demand side management (DSM) reporting, load trending, load aggregation, on peak, off peak and coincidental demand reporting, unmetered energy and energy cost allocation and true ups (aka electric inclusion services), public area and overtime HVAC energy allocations and cost proportioning.

These services allow end users to track and allocate energy costs and to recover same.

Services are provided on a monthly subscription basis. Fees vary depending on the services selected and availability of existing data.

For these an many other services, CPL Group offers a monthly amortization option; a series of installment payments against services performed up front and at no initial out pocket cost to the end user.

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