Energy Resource Analytics

Energy Resource Analytics

CPL Group Energy Resource Analytics reports energy costs and consumption details, whether through available or customized reports, including history, parallels, trends, anomalies and more.


Energy Resource Analytics may include total energy units, total energy dollars, cost per energy unit, usage (or cost) per square foot, on and off peak units and dollars, percentage of energy unit (or cost) of one utility to total, peak demand day and time, percentage contribution of downstream meters when peak demand day and time was reached, peak demand frequency (aka run hours), curtailment and resulting load shed, aggregate vs. coincidental load values, load factor, and more.

These services allow end users to visualize relevant energy data that’s superimposed on infrastructure details.

Services are provided on a monthly subscription basis. Fees vary depending on the services selected and availability of existing data.

For these an many other services, CPL Group offers a monthly amortization option; a series of installment payments against services performed up front and at no initial out pocket cost to the end user.

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